Business Services

A development of RealStuff Informatik for GroundWork Monitor Enterprise.

Individual services / events can be combined into a business service. In turn, business services can be propagated as objects for other business services. This allows creating a hierarchy tree of service dependencies.

Business Service Calculation -> 
Thresholds, Essential Service and Nagios Status categories.

Business Services -> 
Further processing in the SLAs, visualization in the StatusViewer, in dashboards or as a reporting object.


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Service Level Agreement

A development of RealStuff Informatik for GroundWork Monitor Enterprise

With this function, SLAs can be mapped and calculated. Any number of SLA contracts can be managed.

A contract consists of -> 
Customer information, the measured service usually a Business Service (BSM) and the SLA specification.

A SLA contains -> 
Specific Rules, Calendar with Bank Holidays and an Operation Time (eg 6-18h / Mon-Fri).

The event processing enables events to be classified and described, as well as missing events to be recorded later.

Event Classification -> Ignore, Info, Full, Partial, Scheduled, Unscheduled.

Event Documantation -> Reason, Solution and Impact.

Event capture -> start and end time, status, text message, classification, reason, solution, impact and for which SLAs this event should apply.

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A development of RealStuff Informatik for GroundWork Monitor Enterprise.

Any number of dashboards for SLA-relevant and / or status views can be created with this function.

SLA elements are -> Tacho, Pie chart, Timetable, Log list, Downtime bar, Report table and Timeline.

Status element is -> status (host, hostgroup, service, servicegroup, customgroup), service list with filter function.

Graphic element are -> text, box and image








The Publish Status feature allows the status of services to be published externally.

Export formats are -> JSON, HTML, JS 
Export methods are -> SSH, FTP, Local