Reliable end-to-end monitoring provides an overview of the availability and performance of services offered from the user's perspective at all times.

Various tools (open source, commercial) are available for end-to-end monitoring. It is important to distinguish whether it is a WEB or a FAT client application. Not every tool can meet both requirements equally well.

ALYVIX FAT Client Beispiel

Very often, however, scripts or monitoring plugins are sufficient to adequately check the availability of an application.

As an example, our mail monitoring. A powershell script on a robot uses the Exchange API to send mail to one or more echo servers on the Internet and evaluate the mail replies. This can be used to derive the availability and response time of the mail service (send <-> receive). Minimal effort, maximum benefit!


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Services & Application

With Service & Application Monitoring, you can check the health and availability of your application servers (JBoss, Tomcat, WebLogic, and WebSphere) and services (DNS, LDAP, Active Directory, Web servers, MS-Exchange, HTTP, Squid, Oracle, and MS SQL databases , Websites, etc.) always at a glance.

Elastic APM enables the monitoring of application metrics.

Use Case -> Elastic for Root Cause Analyzes. If Elastic has both application measurement data, system measurement data and possibly also log data, Elastic can be used very well for root cause analyzes.


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Monitor your infrastructure (UPS, Cooling Racks, servers, ESX, routers, switches, modems, memory, CPU, disk, processes, etc.) not only from physical devices but also their virtual environment in the private and / or public cloud.

GroundWork Monitor Enterprise uses the CloudHub to do this. These are currently available for Azure, AWS, VMware, RedHat, Docker, OpenStack and NetApp.

The Elastic Metricbeat is also suitable for monitoring containers.


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Our competences are 20 years of monitoring experience in SMEs up to international corporations. We offer consulting, implementation, configuration and operation services as well as workshops and training courses.

As a partner of GroundWork, Nagios and Elastic licenses and subscription can be obtained directly from us.