Our services include setup, installation, operation, configuration as well as training of the GroundWork Monitor Enterprise based monitoring solution.


As a GroundWork Advanced Partner, subscriptions can also be obtained throught us.

The yearly subscription is based per monitored device (server, printer, network device etc.) and includes:

  • Rights to use

    • GroundWork Monitor Enterprise Server

    • GroundWork Monitor Child Servers

    • GroundWork Distributed Monitoring Agents

    •  Cloud Hubs (Google Cloud GCP, Amazone AWS, Azure, Docker, VMware, Cloudera, Openstack, NetApp, NeDi)

    • Business Service Management

    • SLA Management

  • GroundWork Flex 2 Support

    • Business Hours Support, definied as 6 am to 6pm California time, Monday through Friday.

  • Access to all upgrades to GroundWork Flex products covered by the subscription that are released during the term


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