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Unified Monitoring GroundWork Monitor, the best open platform based monitoring solution on the market.
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BIG DATA Processing with Elasticsearch for Log Correlation, Security Information and Event Management. Machine Learning helps you with today's complexity and detects anomalies in near real-time.


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RealStuff Informatik offers you professional training with international experts This "eXpert Class" is a unique event in Switzerland!



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With monitoring and real-time analysis of wire data and big data, you always have an overview of the entire IT infrastructure On-Premises and Cloud.


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Technology advice helps you to choose the right path. Benefit from our experience - we drive your transformation from strategy to implementation.



Publish Service Status auf Webseiten

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Have you been requested to provide the status of the service or application monitored to a wider audience?

To answer that need, RealStuff Informatik developed the "Publish Status” add-on for GrounWork Monitoring. In the GroundWork product, one selects which service/application should be published in a GUI.

The publication contains HTML, JS or JSON files, which are published via FTP or SSH to the wanted servers.

Right-hand side of this page, you can see the monitoring status of the service " Ticketing OTRS “, published on the RealStuff Informatik website.

If a direct publication to the web server is not possible, the JS file can be published in a separated section from which the web server reloads it.

With GroundWork Monitor and the "Publish Status” add-on, the  service status is available to a broad audience outside without requiring access to your monitoring GUI.