Groundwork Monitor Enterprise

Unified Monitoring

GroundWork monitors and controls your entire data center and collects all relevant information centrally in one place. This will help you better understand the performance of your IT and data availability.

  • Monitoring of clouds, virtualization hypervisors, applications, servers and network devices.

  • Monitoring hybrid cloud environments and traditional data centers.

  • Information about performance and availability at one glance combined.

  • Provides a unified web services portal for collecting data from other IT process tools.

  • Optionally enables the integration of other monitoring systems in a Manager-of-Monitor (MoM).

  • Graphical representation across different IT environment.

Open Platform for IT Monitoring and Operations

GroundWork unifies the best monitoring technologies and can bring together the tools you favor or need in a single secure monitoring environment.

  • Equiped with portal UI Red Hat JBoss Portal 6(™) enables customization.

  • REST API for easy integration of web services into other IT operations tools such as ticketing or deployment systems integration of best-of-breed open source IT monitoring and management tools.

  • The following applications are integrated: Nagios™, Cacti™, NeDi™, NagVis™, NoMa™, RRDTool™, SyslogNG™ etc.

  • It offers the most comprehensive portfolio of compatible plugins and profiles in the market.


To see is not necessarily to know. GrondWork offers multiple "at-a-glance" views that quickly help managers get answers and help operators find explanations:

  • Powerful Dashboards show graphs and status in real-time

  • Keeps and analyses log data to gain insight form past patterns

  • shows each data context with a click

  • Business Service Monitoring lets you measure more than memory, disk, CPU, etc.



The importance of individual events depends on their context and GroundWork enables you to see this picture instantly.

  • Event masking and dependency mapping for effective visualisation and avoidance of unnecessary alarms

  • Event aggregation, duplication suppression, message storm handling

  • State engine cuts through the noise clutter and tells you what you need to know

  • Event Console for high-speed data-streaming with search capabilities

  • Actions Menu for creating scriptable responses to events, such as open a trouble ticket, reboot a server, etc.


Secure & Scalable

The security and scalability of the organisation is largely dependent on the security and scalability of IT. GroundWork provides its own capability in this area and extends its protection to other tools in the IT environment.

  • Unified Portal architecture utilising Red Hat JBoss Portal (unique in IT Monitoring)

  • Single Sign-On

  • Proven scalability

  • Integrates with Active Directory, LDAP and more

  • Comprehensive encryption


GroundWork Cloud Hub

  • Communicates with different cloud platforms

  • Regular queries of the virtualization and cloud management systems to uncover changes in the infrastructure

  • Enables discovery and auto-registration of application servers in the cloud

  • Provides both hypervisiors and below hypervisors metrics for the system management platforms

  • Runs as an independent agent on the GroundWork Monitor server

  • Maintains open standard-based web services communication and open API

RealStuff Support Extension

The ideal addition to GroundWork product support

RealStuff Support covers your entire GroundWork monitoring solution. With the time shift between Switzerland and USA, you also get an almost 5x24h GroundWork product support.

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