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BIG DATA Processing with Elasticsearch for Log Correlation, Security Information and Event Management. Machine Learning helps you with today's complexity and detects anomalies in near real-time.


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With the real-time analysis of log and SIEM data, you always maintain the overview and security of the entire IT infrastructure.



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You need temporary personnel reinforcement or specific IT expertise. We search for and provide the suitable employee for you.




We have been offering monitoring services in the areas of infrastructure, service, application and visual monitoring for over 20 years.



Elasticsearch training

Elasticsearch Training

elastic stack workshop

Get Started with Elastic Stack Workshop

This workshop offers an overview of the Elastic Stack components within 3 days. Collecting with beats, enrichment with Logstash, storing in Elasticsearch and analysis of the stored data in Kibana. Each participant will receive a virtual lab environment with different servers to provide a practical introduction to the technology. The workshop can take place in our training environment in Bern, virtually or at your site.

Course objectives

During the Elasticsearch training the participants get to know the Elastic Stack, can install and configure the individual components. They will learn how to import data from the beats directly or via logstash, create query queries and visualize the data in dashboards.

After this training the participants will have a very good overview of the functionality of the Elastic Stack, know areas of application and scenarios and will be able to plan, implement and operate requirements themselves.

Target group

Developers, administrators, architects, interested people who want to get a good overview of the Elastic-Stack.


Linux knowledge advantageous

Course information

Course number: ELSTACK
Course based on the Elastic Stack Version 7.3.1
Date: 23.06.-25.06.2020
Course times: from 08:30 to 17:00
Price: CHF 1,990
Language: German, course material in English
Rations: Coffee, snacks, drinks and lunch are included
Course location: Training room in Bern or remote training in a virtual environment.

Each course participant works in his own server infrastructure provided by us.

Onsite company training on request.



You want to conduct the workshop at your premises? Then send us an E-Mail and we will contact you to collect the necessary information.

Nested Applications

elasticsearch training

Course content

  • Overview, Elastic Stack, Elastic Cloud Enterprise, Elastic Cloud Service
  • Functional overview of the Elastic-Stack
  • Module Elasticsearch
    • Installation, Configuration
    • Cluster, Nodes, Index, Shards (Primary, Replicas)
    • Querying Data, Text Analysis, Mappings
    • Cluster Management
    • Index Lifecycle Management
    • Index Rollover
    • Best Practics
  • Module Kibana
    • Installation, Configuration
    • Discover
    • Visualize, Dashboard
    • Index pattern
    • Export and Import Objects
    • Spaces
    • Monitoring, Management, Dev Tools
    • User und Rollen Management
  • Module Logstash
    • Installation, Configuration
    • Plugins (Input, Filter, Output)
    • Multiple Pipelines
  • Beats
    • Installation, Configuration
    • Metric, Filebeat, Packetbeat, Winlogbeat, Auditbeat, Heartbeat, Functionbeat
  • Stack Features (früher X-Pack)
    • Security, Alerting, Monitoring, Reporting, Graph, Canvas, Machine Learning, Reporting
  • Area of application
  • Loadbalancing Kibana und Logstash
    • ECE, HA-Proxy, Nginx


Nested Applications

elasticsearch training

Virtual classroom training

Training and labs take place virtually on the Internet.

elasticsearch training


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Der Kurs war gut aufgebaut. Lehrreich und praxisnah. Christian, BLS AG

Das Lab fand ich besonders gut. So konnte ich die Übungen in meinem Tempo durchführen und vieles dabei lernen. Ramona, PostFinance AG

Besten Dank an den Kursleiter. Er war hoch kompetent für sein eher junges Alter. Nicola, Schweizer National Bank

Kompetenter Überblick und Einführung in den Elastic Stack. Helmut, Visana Services AG