IT Pro Experts Packaging for Microsoft App-V and MSIX

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This 5-day class will provide you with both theory and practical hands-on labs.

Tim Mangan originally ran the development group at Softricity, a leading provider of application virtualization at that time. Microsoft aquired Softricity in 2006 to build App-V using their technology. Since then, Tim provides trainings and wrote several books about App-V. Tim is recognized by Microsoft as a “Most Valuable Professional” (MVP) and is the absolute authority instructing App-V technology.


Course  Date  Teacher Price / CHF
APPV   02.11.2020 - 06.11.2020  Tim Mangan, MVP for App-V 4,300.00

Course details:

  • Concepts of Packaging
  • Overview of Delivery Options
  • Fundamentals of the APP-V Package Format and Runtime
  • Fundamentals of the MSIX Package Format and Runtime
  • Setting up VMs for Packaging and Testing
  • Packaging with APP-V and MSIX
  • Conversion from APP-V to MSIX

Download full details here
Here is a Two minute video explaining


Course time:

09:00 to 17:00 (Central European Time)

Lunch, snacks, coffee and water included


Please note that the course will be held in English!

The training will be held only if a certain number of participants are interested.



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