Network and Infrastructure Monitoring supports both Continual Service Improvement (CSI) and Capacity Management.

Application and Service monitoring combined with Business Service Management supports SLA management. Visibility of all SLA is guaranteed via appropriated views and reports at any time. GroundWork Monitor offers you the right solution:

  • Infrastructure monitoring with many existing profiles and Nagios plugins

  • Integrated Business Service Management modules

  • Live view on defined SLAs

  • Jasper for SLA reporting



Wire Date

Wire Data

Wire Data analysis ensures the availability, performance and security of mission-critical applications. The real-time analysis of the communications traversing your network allows for

  • an accelerated troubleshooting

  • real-time alerting for potential problems

  • "machine learning" based anomaly detection - always active, always learning and always ready

ExtraHop allows a complete visibility into the OSI Layer 2-7 for faster and more informed decisions.




Big Data

Big Data

The challange today is to channel, search, analyse and visualise the flood of log data, ideally in a timely manner. Elastic Stack offers exactly this possibility.

  • Beats, Nxlog oder Syslog as a data shipper

  • Logstash for processing the log data streams and forwarding them to the central data storage

  • Elasticsearch as central data storage with a REST-based search and analytics engine

  • Kibana for visualising the data stored in Elasticsearch

The powerful commercial features Security, Alerting and Notification, Monitoring, Reporting, Graph, Machine Learning extends the Elastic Stack product and makes it Enterprise Ready.