BlackBelt Windows Troubleshooting

Sami Laiho


This course teaches you how the OS really works and how to troubleshoot it effectively. It is applicable to every OS from NT 4 to Windows 10 – both servers and clients. Learn to troubleshoot the hardest errors and raise your abilities above others! Let a world class presenter and troubleshooter teach you all tricks up his sleaves. Sami’s BlackBelt Troubleshooting session has been selected as the Best Session in TechEd North America 2014, TechEd Europe 2014 and TechEd Australia 2013 so you be sure to learn a lot in the most entertaining and effective way! This is the ultimate troubleshooting training with this expert in Switzerland - don't miss it!


Course Teacher  Date Price / CHF


 Sami Laiho, MVP in Windows OS

 30.08.2021, 4 days,  09:00 - 17:00, Bern*



*In case of restrictions(COVID-19) against running an in-person class in Bern, this course can be executed virtually.


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Course details:

  • Troubleshooting methodology
  • Tools and procedures for troubleshooting Windows
  • OS Internals
  • Registry Internals
  • Troubleshooting of the SLOW
  • Troubleshooting security related issues
  • Troubleshooting network issues
  • Troubleshooting device drivers
  • Unbootable machine troubleshooting
  • Basic of debugging and debuggers
  • BSOD internals



Lunch, snacks, coffee and water included for on-site courses in Bern.


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Course execution guarantee:

The training will be held only if a certain number of participants are registered.



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